Welcome to the FoSF Dual Band Photography website,  Infrared Photography has been around now for a very long time and probably one of the founding fathers of this technique is Robert W Wood who was well known for his contrasting IR images and the effect he obtained became known as the Wood effect.  Well things have moved on since the days of film,  and not always for the better but never mind the digital age is upon us and hopefully we have passed that landmark when Camera Jockeys went around spouting about " I'm going Digital "  yes I could find a hole large enough to put them in,  that saying used to drive me up the wall.  Well as you are no doubt anxious to learn all about Dual Band Photography let me put your mind at rest .... there is very little info on the Internet,  how sad.  OK I hope to enlighten you about the subject and orientate you about light and invisible light in the Electro Magnetic Spectrum ( EMS ).

The EMS can for our purposes be be broken down into three sections,  Ultraviolet ( UV ) Visible ( Vis ) and Infrared ( IR ).  The first obstacle you have to overcome is the fact that if you can't see it it does not mean it does not exist,  it's sort of taking a leap of Faith into the unknown.   At the lower end of the EMS you will find UV radiation which briefly falls into 4 main classes i.e. A, B, C and D,  D being the most deadly but don't worry no one has died recently shooting Dual Band.  Cameras have to be specially converted,  you can use a standard production camera but please do not expect good results, they will not happen,  and you also need a good Camera Teccy such as Ehab Eassa ( More later about Ehab ).  Apart from a decent Camera you also need some filters,  this is where it gets amusing because if your Camera has not cost you enough you then have to look at forking out for some specialist screw in filters,  handmade from very expensive bits of scientific glass,  and if your supplier has not got your filter in stock then you could have anything up to a 2 month wait before it's delivered.  Oh and the filter technicians,  well their are about three or four in the entire world ... LOL.

INTERESTED ... then get clicking.





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