Aidie or Adrian has had a lifetime interest in Photography,   starting from probably the age of four or five when he would take his parents camera and shoot away at the seaside for fun.  At the tender age of 16 he was developing and printing film,  that's half a Century ago.  Today Aidie's armoury is a very long way from those basic roll film cameras of yesteryear,  he has some very sophisticated Nikon gear and also Canon features very prominently alongside the Nikon equipment.  He invested heavily in film studio cameras in early 2000 and obtained the coveted Fujifilm Seal of Professionalism.

Aidie trained and qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse but was never happy with the role and turned to Cabinet making and in 1983 he made history as his furniture company was the first one in the UK to offer a Computer Assisted Design service for the products he manufactured,  sadly illness took it's toll on top of all that hard work as he was often up at 2 or 3am programming and back in the workshops before 9am for the days production.  He eventually recovered and returned to the workplace manufacturing for other local companies and probably has knocked up display cabinets and shop counters for about every other shop on the high street including Tesco, Co-op, Royal Doulton etc etc.

Aidie now passes the time in retirement working even harder than before running the FoSF and being involved not only in matters relating to the forest but also the surrounding community.  he also handles the legal work for the FoSF having prosecuted in the Magistrates Court and held Council for the Prosecution in Crown Court.

Photography also occupies a great deal of his time and especially aspects and disciplines that are not found in the text books, always willing to try new ideas and promote techniques embracing new technology with a surprising amount of success.

Together with his work for the FoSF he also runs the Major Oak Photography Club ...

And perhaps one day he may actually get around to joining the Royal Photographic Society ( RPS ) as an Associate, day.



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