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Welcome to the world of Dark Photography,  a world where you do not know when a light is on or off and where you cannot read writing because it is beyond your reach and worse still being able to see what is not visible to the naked eye.  Sounds weird, this is the World of DualBand or Dark Photography,  wait until you get hands on experience and find out for yourself what the world is really like,  ask Yoda,  he will tell you all things are possible.

The human eye is a very restricted bit of kit and very limited in it's range,  so much so that we can only see VISIBLE light,  but other forms of light exist that we cannot see such as Infrared light and Ultraviolet light.  Infrared is invisible to the naked eye but not to a Camera suitably converted and the basic conversion is in essence quite simple but in reality can be difficult due to the complexity of modern day cameras.  Opening up a Camera to enable it to see to the limit of it's capability can and is astounding,  the basic conversion is known as a full spectrum conversion,  but just converting a camera as you might well believe is not enough,  you have to filter the Visible and Invisible light entering the sensor.  Imagine an orchestra with every instrument playing at full blast,  it would sound dreadful,  it's like that with a full Spectrum conversion,  you need to tone it down to produce the sort of images that you as a Photographer find pleasing.

 Filters are used to allow or restrict visible and Invisible light,  they are expensive being made to precise tolerances and depending on the filter allow Infrared on it's own to the more complex and expensive filters that will allow certain bands of visible light in to colour your image.  Ultraviolet light has similar properties to Infrared but is not nearly as popular due to oppressive black tones and general lack of charisma,  however I'm not dismissing it out of hand.      Please enjoy this site and I hope I may be able to persuade you to take up this fascinating art form,  and possibly pick up a gong or two in the process,  and if you enjoy it as much as I do then you will be well rewarded.


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