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Any Camera can be converted,  but I would always seek the advice of a good camera conversion specialist such as Mr Ehab Eassa,  Ehab has been completing conversions now for a good number of years,  his work is so good that it is impossible to tell he has opened a camera up to convert it. 

There are three kinds of Conversion.

1.  Full Spectrum,  where the Hot mirror is removed and replaced with specialised clear glass such as Spectrosil 2000.  Round filters are placed over the lens and you shoot with live view.  Our recommended Camera Techy is Ehab Eassa,  Top Man in his class and trading now for nigh on twenty years.

2. Fixed Conversion,  where you filter is built into the camera and you can use your viewfinder as normal but still produe DualBand images.

3.  Clip in Filters,  a special frame is fitted into the camera to allow filters to be clipped in and out but can be slightly fiddly but is flexible.


Basic round filters for Infrared work can be had for around a tenner in varying strengths ranging from 650nm ( Very Weak ) to 950nm ( Very Strong )  My preference for summer work is around 820nm and winter work I would drop down to 720nm as the IR light content can and does weaken.  Round DualBand filters are a different ball game and can be very expensive i.e. over 200 pounds each.

Clip in filters may not have the same range and are largely dictated by the manufacturer.


Not normally needed,  shoot habdheld as you would do with a normal camera.


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