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I have been shooting film ever since I could walk but in those days it was mainly when on holiday,  since then my practice as a Photographer has expanded to cover a multitude of disciplines,  more about me can be found on

Despite the digital revolution I have always liked shooting film and still do so today,  sadly any form of Infrared or DualBand  Photography on film is very limited in it's scope,  but we have Mr Dean Benicci to thank for making available Aerochrome film in 120 format,  should be able to squeeze some into my Bronica ETRSi one day when I can make the time. 

Part of the problem in any creative person is the desire to try new ideas and techniques,  and there lies a huge problem as a lot of these ideas and techniques are lacking in hardware so it;s sleeves rolled up and build it yourself.  There are several projects in the melting pot and none of the gear is available in your local Photography store.  I have a couple of Engineering concerns that help me out when I do not have the machinery to manufacture a particular item of equipment,  bear in mind I was at the tender age of 16 working in a factory precision grinding to thousandths of an inch.

Along with all the Photography work I run the Friends of Sherwood Forest ( FoSF )  that keeps me busy and takes a lot of time as we not only have concerns for the Forest but also the Community.  If you would like to donate to the FoSF you can do so by PayPal to   every donation counts and helps us to bring you exciting sites like this one incidentally the only DualBand website in the World,  please help us make it happen so we can make it happen for you.


 All donations welcome,  thank you.


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